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Zapcorp is a Melbourne based cladding firm and a trusted local business service in the suburbs of Melbourne. However, we are happy to serve our work to our customers with our level of expertise in the domestic, commercial, and industrial cladding in Melbourne.

As the service provider for Cladding in Melbourne, we highly esteem our devotion to our customers and their prerequisites. If you are looking for expert cladding installers in Melbourne, then you can trust our quick-fix solutions. We ensure the cladding installation is done efficiently and hassle-free using good quality products to solve your long term problems. Zapcorp is focused on offering you the best cladding installation for your space. We approach each undertaking with demonstrable skills and make sure that the installation of cladding in Melbourne continues flawlessly. We are specialists in both private and business cladding establishments in Melbourne. We comprehend that every customer has various prerequisites, so we try to offer support that is customised for your necessities.

We stand by you from the beginning of the project until we finish as we know that time is an important factor for you. We put in all the efforts to ensure that each cladding in Melbourne venture is done on scheduled time while guaranteeing the nature of the completed project. We can work with you to create arrangements that coordinate the spending you have anticipated.

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About us

Zapcorp Services Pty Ltd is an established business with over 35 years of experience in offering effective services for cladding installers in Melbourne and we deal in both domestic & commercial sectors.

Our standards are of a high-quality and our attitude is to always listen, to provide, and make suggestions

Our team is dedicated and we can help you achieve the look you want.

We understand you are busy, let us help you.

We offer professional services for cladding installers in Melbourne in:

Manage entire projects including

  • Demolition,
  • Tiling & Fittings.


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We go out of the way to meet the desires for all clients, regardless of whether you are enquiring about an occupation, or you are a current client, we are consistently accessible to help. Our priority is to promise quality work to our customers and assist them with a kind of work that matches the industry standards. In this way, we ensure to provide a great outcome. Our team consists of skilled and professional cladding installers in Melbourne who have the experience and ability to perform effectively. We are up-to-date with the latest advancements and approaches applicable to our speciality so we can give you only the best cladding installers benefit in Melbourne. We offer various cladding products, ensuring that you can choose a product that best fits your top priority list.


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At Refin, “Made in Italy” does not only mean style, but it represents a productive model combining the creative flair typical of our culture with the work ethics that have always characterised Italian manufacturing tradition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cladding on buildings aims to protect the building's structure from wear and tear of natural elements like wind, sun, and rain. It also offers other benefits like insulation and noise control and improves the external look and enhances its appeal.

At Zapcorp, we are a diversified cladding service firm in Melbourne. We offer materials for external cladding in Melbourne that are strong, durable, waterproof, and capable of withstanding the damaging elements for the long haul such as Metal (Steel & Aluminium), Tiles, Timber, Stone, Brick, Glass, and Vinyl cladding for both residential and commercial properties.

More than just giving an aesthetically pleasing look to your buildings, cladding provides far more significant benefits. Cladding improves any building's mechanical strength by offering a protective layer for it to weather a range of natural elements. Cladding incorporated buildings are more resistant to cracks that occur due to temperature or changes in climate, less prone to water absorption, with an ability to resist the harmful effects of UV rays and other pollutants when compared to non-cladded buildings.

Cladding is a protective layer that is suitable for all surfaces, such as fibro, weatherboard, timber, corrugated iron, cement blocks, brick etc. External cladding by Zapcorp is done using a variety of materials, in many sizes and shapes to suit your design requirements and styling. Cladding materials include timber, vinyl, glass, metal, tiles and stones. We evaluate which external cladding material is the best choice for your unique building project.

On average external cladding takes about 3-5 days. However, based on the material, size of the exterior surfaces, heights involved, each project timeline varies. We'll discuss it beforehand when we offer you a FREE consultation and estimates.

Cladding renovations were carried out as exempt development (no planning or building approval required), but amendments have been made. The Regulations and requirements vary from one state to another, and it is best advised to check with your local council to make sure that re-cladding your home is compliant with what’s needed in your area.

We at Zapcorp are a professional cladding company, and any payment details will be discussed beforehand, and with your confirmation, we will add the payment schedule to the contract. Generally, the first payment will be due when we deliver the materials needed for Cladding to the site, and the final payment is due after the project completion. If the job is a large one, then they will be paid at various stages of progress. All payment details will be stipulated in the contract.

There is no set cladding cost, and it is impossible to state the price in a general way. Many variables such as cladding material, the size of the house, number of window & doors, wall height, the slope of landing, and many more; influence the pricing of cladding. At Zapcorp, we offer a FREE, no-obligation and no-pressure consultation and detailed cost estimates. We will discuss and advise on the various options available that will suit your budget and design requirements.

For any of your cladding installation queries, please contact us.

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