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Metal External Cladding in Melbourne

Metal cladding in Melbourne is a preferred choice for many commercial and industrial properties in Melbourne. Their ease in maintenance, and a variety of colour and size combinations, make them look appealing as the building’s exteriors. Before we move on to the various types of metal cladding, let us first understand External Cladding.

What is Cladding?

A building system that covers the external walls and/or roof and is garnering much attention and hype, due to its inherent properties of protecting the building while enhancing its look, is exterior cladding. Cladding does not serve any structural function as it does bear any load of the building. The building’s structure itself actually supports it. It is mainly used for aesthetic purposes, to transform the look visually and protect the interior structure.

Exterior cladding comes in various colours, shapes, and sizes, which opens up the budget for cladding. Based on your budget consideration, client’s choices, you can choose to go with the many types of building cladding systems and different anchor systems available from a specialist in Melbourne. Anchor systems for exterior cladding could be either visible or invisible (more expensive).

Different Styles of Metal Exterior Cladding in Melbourne

Steel Metal Cladding: It needs to have a protective coating over it to prevent corrosion. This is achieved with either galvanisation or plastic/powder coating the metal.

Aluminum: It can be used primarily without any coating, but generally, it is powder-coated to enhance its protective properties. Aluminum exterior cladding can be an excellent choice for looking for curvatures and angles with different shapes. It is expensive than steel but can help create unique cladding styles. It is also lighter than steel, which helps to reduce its load on the building structure. Based on the different anchor systems like composite or built-up, you can choose to keep it flat or form it.

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) Exterior Claddings Systems

This is an excellent example of a composite panel system; it is made by bonding two aluminium cover sheets to a mineral core. With ACP, you can choose a variety of colours, finishes and textures. We can even offer you stone or timber effect finishes. Based on the building structure and your requirements, we’ll use an ACP exterior cladding system with different fixing methods.

Aluminium Built-up External Cladding Systems

A built-up system of cladding uses liner sheets and liner trays.

The liner sheet system uses two sheets – one inner deck liner sheet and one external cladding sheet. The inner liner gets fixed to the structure using cladding rails or purlins. Whereas, the exterior cladding sheets are fixed with clips to spacer rails, with insulation in between.

On the other hand, there is no need for liner sheet with the liner tray system, rails for cladding to fix it. The liner tray system is fixed directly to the building structure. Insulation is placed within the trays, and the external cladding sheet gets fixed directly on to the tray.

A significant advantage with built-up systems is that manufacturers will have added in the connection details for all ridges, skylights, gutters, parapets and all other architectural connections.

Professional external wall Cladding Services in Melbourne

Zapcorp is a Melbourne based cladding installers firm with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. We offer professional and expert building cladding services to all domestic, commercial, and industrial clients in Melbourne. Our approach to any of our services offers you the best quality products and services that last for years at competitive prices. We put in all the efforts to ensure that each cladding in the Melbourne venture is done on scheduled time while guaranteeing top-notch work with the completed project and stay true to the budget.

We give a detailed cost assessment that doesn’t sway far from the actual cost of completion. Talk to us today about your cladding requirements in Melbourne; we’ll be glad to offer our expertise with a FREE consultation and estimates.

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