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Adding a layer of material over another, like a protective skin on the external surface of a home is what cladding is all about. Building cladding offers an extra layer of protection and insulation, besides providing excellent weather resistance features while transforming the building façade and appearance. Many cladding types are done in Melbourne – wood, metal, brick, vinyl, and a range of composite materials.

Best Cladding Materials

Built-Up Systems: These usually are made of pre-finished metal like steel or aluminium. They are available in different colours, and their thermal and acoustic insulation levels can be adjusted to property owner choices. This type of building cladding also offers excellent fire-resistance.

Composite Panels: Most commonly used type of building cladding in Melbourne for commercial buildings, they are also being preferred by residential property owners. They can be installed quickly to help keep the costs down. Properties of composite panel cladding include extensive air, water, and fire resistance.

Rain Screen Panels: This type of building cladding is unique, as it is attached to a supporting structure which is later added to the building. It creates ventilation, thereby reducing condensation. It is weather-resistant like all claddings are and also pose a lesser risk of cold bridging.

Cement: is a strong and sturdy cladding material, that resists any damages and weathering by natural elements for years! Atmospheric pollutants cannot harm this material. Doesn’t allow for mould or fungi to form on it, and is also frost-proof while being low maintenance. It comes in a variety of colours, textures, and versatile to match any design needs.

When Can the Building Cladding be Installed?

Although you have decided on the type of building cladding you wish to install for your Melbourne property, you’ll have wait until the whole building construction is completed.

To sustain strong winds, it is best to get the exterior walls framed with wood or steel studs. After that, the walls will be covered with plywood or board to resist the winds. If the building were constructed with concrete or masonry, you’d not have to worry about the strong winds.

After that, cladding can be placed over the external surface of the building. Even though different materials, all building cladding in Melbourne, are installed using the same techniques.

Professional external wall Cladding Services in Melbourne

Zapcorp is a Melbourne based cladding firm with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. We offer professional and expert building cladding services to all domestic, commercial, and industrial clients in Melbourne. Our approach to any of our services offers you the best quality products and services that last for years at competitive prices. We put in all the efforts to ensure that each cladding in the Melbourne venture is done on scheduled time while guaranteeing top-notch work with the completed project and stay true to the budget.

We give a detailed cost assessment that doesn’t sway far from the actual cost of completion. Talk to us today about your cladding requirements in Melbourne; we’ll be glad to offer our expertise with a FREE consultation and estimates.

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