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exterior wall cladding

Wall Cladding has been more of an appealing visual factor to buildings. Adding texture and colours, cladding was always a preferred choice for beautifying the property from the outside. Advances in construction and architectural designs have now made exterior wall cladding a part of protection for the safety of the building, improving its efficiency and increasing durability with long-lasting cladding materials.

Recent incidents with certain non-standard cladding materials, like the one in the UK and UAE, have led to the use of stone cladding to improve the safety factor, without compromising on the visual appeal.

How does exterior wall cladding elevate the beauty of the outdoor space?

Exterior wall cladding is an extra layer of the external structure of the building. The many available cladding materials – stones, bricks, metal, timber, glass, and so on, provide various colours, textures, and shapes. These factors, along with final finishes, add a unique personality to the building’s exteriors. Exterior wall cladding has potent power to transform an ordinary-looking building into something charismatic and vibrant.

Other external finishes like paints do not offer the same protection level as cladding does along with its enhancement on beauty. Wall Cladding provides an excellent layer of protection from UV rays, rain, wind. It also thermally and acoustically insulates the building make it more energy-efficient, for a sustainable tomorrow.

Benefits of using decorative exterior wall cladding

– Exterior wall cladding is non-permeable in nature, that is they are highly effective in resisting against heavy rainfall, harsh sunlight, and maintain the integrity of the building for long.

– Certain types of wall cladding are light and do not put the load on the structure.

– Wall cladding protects the building from moisture, dampness, dust, and microorganisms. Keeps the structure durable and sturdy.

– Exterior wall cladding offers excellent acoustic insulation.

Professional external wall Cladding Services in Melbourne

Zapcorp is a Melbourne based cladding installers firm with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. We offer professional and expert building cladding services to all domestic, commercial, and industrial clients in Melbourne. Our approach to any of our services offers you the best quality products and services that last for years at competitive prices. We put in all the efforts to ensure that each cladding in the Melbourne venture is done on scheduled time while guaranteeing top-notch work with the completed project and stay true to the budget.

We give a detailed cost assessment that doesn’t sway far from the actual cost of completion. Talk to us today about your cladding requirements in Melbourne; we’ll be glad to offer our expertise with a FREE consultation and estimates.

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