External Cladding in Melbourne

Exterior Wall Cladding: Give Your Building Extra Beauty and Protection!

Thinking about working on the exterior of your commercial or residential building? Add a unique aesthetic touch to your space with Zapcorp's exterior wall cladding services. A diversified cladding service firm in Melbourne, Zapcorp offers materials for external building cladding in Melbourne that are strong, durable, waterproof, and capable of withstanding the damaging elements for the long haul.

While external wall cladding is typically a decorative investment, we receive a lot of bids for wall improvement work. Thus, we run a wide range of features that look more impressive to cover the entire exterior of your building while protecting it from all the harmful elements.

What Type of External Wall Cladding Should I Choose?

Like any building material, there are several kinds of external building wall cladding materials. Each one of them has its respective pros and cons. Therefore, together as a team, we evaluate which external wall cladding material is the best choice for your unique building project.

Instead of spending your money on extensive house repairs, opting for the services of external wall cladding in Melbourne is the right alternative for you to protect your house’s walls and roof. The external house cladding is available in a wide range of colours and textures. The planks are flexible in design and can be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally as you please.

We are committed to providing reliable external wall cladding services to help our customers create any design they want for their house. The external building wall cladding is compatible with building materials like stone and wood, its solid build makes it a durable cladding solution. We use advanced materials to create thick cladding to make it resistant to moisture and pest. The strong and lightweight material offers a protective coating and performs multiple design functions.

You can now give your wall an external shield that holds up better against the damaging elements by investing in the right and suitable cladding service. Hence, we at Zapcorp promise to offer high-quality and affordable external house cladding products. As Australia's top wall cladding supplier, we also offer different styles of cladding in attractive colours. We can spoil you with plenty of options available in several materials as well.

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Our Team

The intensity of Zapcorp originates from a group of capable people who are focused on providing progressive work with quality results. Our method for exterior wall cladding is holistic that deals with every component of the procedure from start to finish. Thus, our firm is uniquely positioned in the market – ability to exceed your expectation and advise on best practice related to exterior wall cladding for every space.

The team is driven to lead the industry across each facet of their offerings, continuously evolving and expanding to provide cutting edge options for external building cladding in Melbourne.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cladding costs much less than rendering your house. Render entails material, and extensive labour cost to skilfully do the job. Besides, rendered homes need maintenance concerning painting. Meanwhile, external cladding comes in a variety of cost-effective materials, and require less maintenance

Wooden (timber) Cladding is a popular choice among homeowners; commercial building owners and offices prefer metal cladding. Each type of external Cladding offers different visual appeal, even though their functionality does not change. Maintenance of wooden Cladding differs from that of metal, or tile cladding. At Zapcorp, we'll walk you through the different cladding options, and advise you the best option for your property and budget.

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