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Looking for a quality and reasonable solutions for plastering in Melbourne for home or commercial space improvement? Zapcorp, as one of the top plastering companies in Melbourne, aims to offer top-rate service and quality craft. We have set the standard for giving outstanding quality support to our clients by undertaking a wide range of work within the business.

We are a group of dedicated specialists committed to offering services for plastering in Melbourne to our customers across Melbourne. We dedicate ourselves to everything about our clients’ prerequisites. This is what empowers us to complete undertakings with extraordinary intrigue and style. Both, in the result and the working procedure, our team motto is to convey phenomenal workmanship. This is what makes us different from the rest of the plastering companies in Melbourne.

Your plastered walls are more likely to develop cracks with time due to the increased wear and tear if it is not installed properly. To avoid such things, you need to hire one of the best and experienced plastering companies in Melbourne. You can pick the plaster texture and design of your choice and match it with your apartment’s theme.

For a seamless experience of plastering in Melbourne, our team will help you find the right plastic texture to decorate your house tiles, archways, fireplace, and much more.

Get the right finishing touch with plastering in Melbourne. Work with professionals to get a custom look for the interiors and exteriors of your house.

What Makes Us Extraordinary?

We consist of a team that is courteous, efficient, and highly skilled. And we have been delivering outstanding custom-made plastering services in Melbourne. With our Plastering services, you not only get a professional tradesperson, but you get an honest, experienced builder for your building needs. Wall plastering is a highly durable option for you than drywall. It will protect your house walls against crumbles, external damage, water, and fire.

We aim to deliver stylish and appealing spaces for our customers. As we ensure flawless assistance, we utilise our expertise to create or transform the space of your dream by providing cost-effective and functional services.

We ensure to prepare your walls by providing an exceptionally smooth finishing with our services of plastering in Melbourne. Our team will be there to support renovate your house and refurbish your rooms. We strive to offer the highest quality plastering services to your walls and ceilings.

Why Choose Us?

We take care of a wide range of plastering services with utmost dedication and expertise

  • All tools and equipment are furnished for plastering services
  • We offer a customised price quote based on the client’s order and other requirements
  • We are a trusted brand known for delivering on-time services
  • We reflect the plastering services according to individual need
  • No mess. We simply focus on stunning outcomes

So, why not call us today and get some help with plastering services for your property renovation or refurbishment project and give your walls a smooth finish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever coating, protection, and decorating internal walls are needed, plaster can be used as a building material. Common types of plaster-like gypsum, lime or cement with water and sand are also used for architectural mouldings and designs. The plaster makes the wall more waterproof so that it won't fall apart in the rain.

Plaster is a highly durable building material that will last for many years. When installed properly, it is highly resistant to fire, and other wear and tear. Plaster dries quickly to give a tough finish which is quite difficult to damage, and as such, the maintenance cost on a plastered home is minor. Long lasting durability and low maintenance costs are definitely a value addition to your house.

Removing furniture away from the room that will be plastered will protect them from the sanding work done on plasters. Sealing the doors also makes sure to contain the dust within. Removing all wall hangings and trimmings as well as removing electrical appliances from the sockets. Stripping wallpaper can be also done to accommodate plasterers.

  • Special Plasters for decorative and special purposes like waterproofing.
  • Stucco Plaster – a thick 25mm layer of decorative plaster with the first 10mm as scratch coat and the next 10 mm as brown coat and a finishing coat of 4-6mm.
  • Waterproof Plaster for protection of masonry wall from dampness
  • Lime Plaster for prevention of cracks on the wall.
  • Composite Plaster – a mix of cement, lime, surki and sand in different proportions.

Plastering cost depends on multiple aspects such as the type of plaster, size of the wall or ceiling, interior plaster or external rendering, timeline available etc. The variables make each project different and we at Zapcorp approach our plastering services by looking into your needs and requirements, so we could give you an accurate estimate of the work. We offer a FREE consultation and estimates.

For any of your cladding installation queries, please contact us.

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